Digital Circle Podcast 08


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Crisis?  What Crisis?

The Digital Circle Podcast returns to the studios of One Zero Zero in boomtown Belfast.  It’s getting tough out there.  

Here are some headlines just from this week:

  • C4 pulls plug on digital radio plan
  • Viacom and CBS cut profit forecast
  • US online advertising blow
  • Surprise! Web ads aren’t immune from the credit crisis
  • Tanking economy may lead to spear-phishing and social engineering scams

And a confidential Power Point from Sequioa has  been distributed on the web with the heart warming title “R.I.P. Good times”

So with that in mind we’ve brought together this week’s panel.

Also we be finding out with musical combo Escape Act are being Crafty Devils and where you can download tracks.

Michelle Gallen is just back from the Irish Web Awards. Her business is Liquid E-Learning.  
Ruairi McNally is Media Director with Bluecube Interactive. And Rich Dale is a member of Escape Act and works with Crafty Devil.

Download tracks from Escape Act here:

Kings Have Fallen:
Cabin Fever:

Download Central:
And follow them on Facebook

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