Digital Circle Public Launch


To the Green Room at BBC’s Blackstaff studios yesterday evening for the formal launch of the Digital Circle.  I’ve been on the steering group for close to two years – the other members longer.  We have spent time developing the ideas set out in the The Northern Ireland Digital Content Strategy and bringing the idea of the Digital Circle to a point where we ask the industry to take over.

The idea is simple; everyone who works in the digital content industry in Northern Ireland is the Digital Circle.  For the next 12 months, “signed up” membership (rather than “notional” membership) will be free and during that time elections to the steering group will be held.
There will be five members who will elect a Chair.  Each of the other members will lead one of the four activities set out in the Strategy;

• Investment;
• Skills and Training;
• Research & Development & Innovation; and
• Internationalisation.

This will not be a Top/Down organisation.  The steering group will be accountable to the membership.  The steering group will develop the project and agree the rules.

I particularly liked Stephen Mullen’s comment in his speech “If you don’t play the game, you can’t make the rules.”  So, this is the time for everyone in the content industry in Northern Ireland to help to make those rules.
The evening is available in three podcasts.

(Subscribe to the Podcast (RSS), Subscribe through iTunes, Download Directly (MP3)) Following Adrian, Stephen Mullen from Invest Northern Ireland – one of the guiding lights behind the Content Strategy spoke (Subscribe to the Podcast (RSS), Subscribe through iTunes, Download Directly (MP3)) The evening ended with a Q&A Session with the audience led by Matt Johnston (Subscribe to the Podcast (RSS), Subscribe through iTunes, Download Directly (MP3))

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