Digital Circle Podcast 13 – mscapeFest08 Belfast


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Duration – 27′.22"

For the first time, HP Labs have moved out of their home in Bristol, to hold their a two day conference on Media Scapes – or Mscapes.  Described by one of the speakers as a New Medium, mscapes has been developing since about 2003 and has achieved global interest. 

Visiting the two day mscapeFest08 in Belfast’s W5 were producers, developers, designers and educationalists from Canada, USA, Singapore, Taiwan, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands and many other countries.
Davy Sims spent 2 and 3 December at W5 at the conference which was opened by Northern Ireland Finance Minister Nigel Dodds

On the podcast:
Jo Reid from HP Labs 
Brian Lamb from Ulster Mediascapes
John Bustard who produced Armoy Armada
Bill McCluggage from Dept of Finance

You can find out more by going to the where you can download the tool kit, browse some 500 mscapes and get involved with the forums and with other people developing the project.

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