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Way back in the 1980s a friend introduced me to the business writer Tom Peters, and I have spent this morning re-introducing my friend to Tom Peters.  Peters’s book “In Search of Excellence” was one of the most successful management books ever:

First published in 1982 it is one of the biggest selling and most widely read business books ever, selling 3 million copies in its first four years, and being the most widely held library book in the United States from 1989 to 2006 (WorldCat data). The book explores the art and science of management used by leading 1980s companies with records of long-term profitability and continuing innovation.

In 1982 Peters was noted for his new ways of thinking about business and particularly well known for his public speaking which possibly assured his fame rather than the books. 

But Peters has taken to the web; when, I do not know – I’ve had no reason to look for him until this week.  But what a fine example of reinvention;  using a few "cool" words and associating himself with "cool friends", then using a Blog this 66 year old uses the new stuff to speak to a new generation. There is no question that any serious business person who wants to build a public reputation needs a Blog.  Most of Peters’s “cool friends” (who aren’t really all that “cool”) are also business people with Blogs.  Yet interestingly one of the “cool friends” Debbie Weil

No News Here: Forrester Says Consumers Don’t Trust Corporate Blogs

Ouch. As the author of The Corporate Blogging Book, I ought to be upset about this. But I’m not. Forrester’s new report, Time to Rethink Your Corporate Blogging Ideas, says that only 16% of consumers trust company blogs and that they rank dead last in terms of marketing channels.

Yep. That’s below consumers’ trust level in promotional emails, direct mail (!), and online classifieds. Why? Well, the answer is obvious. 
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There are a couple of things that have interested me about this:
First, business management has always been a fashion trend thing (Tell me, what ever happened to Re-Engineering the management philosophy of the mid to late 1990s?)

Secondly, most management consultant types sold a product  (“Excellence”, “Re-engineering”,  “Management by Objectives”,  “Deming System “, "Total Quality Management", "The customer service revolution", "Knowledge management", and of course most recently "Management 2.0") but now they are using the web to introduce their personality and introduce themselves

So to my friend who introduced me to Tom Peters around 1982, may I reintroduce you to the 21st century version?

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