Across The Line in the Ulster Hall



It was by far the most outstanding event I have ever been to in the Ulster Hall; probably the most outstanding event hosted there. It was also the first time I’ve seen most of the bands and heard some. Loud enough to make your trousers vibrate against your legs and almost powerful  enough to peel the new paint work off the hall’s walls.

ATL and 13 acts with a full house (I think UH is licensed for 1200).

I remember my first time at the Ulster Hall; Taste led by Rory Gallagher – there were also a couple of Showbands on too. I think it was supposed to be a dance that night. Last night there were no headliners as such but Therapy? Ash, Fighting with Wire, Neil Hannon along with 2 Snow Patrollers appearing with Iain Archer were a whole bunch of headliners.  That doesn’t mean that the others were by any means “support”.

La Faro, Jet Plane Landing and FWW were the most memorable for me – glad to discover I still like ‘em loud. The cover song of the night for me was You Really Got Me.

Here’s one puny photo from the night – there is a much better set here on a Flickr Group and on the DYRTFT mini site on ATL .

God bless ALT and all that listen, present and produce.

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