It’s often fought in London, New York, LA. But has it been argued in Belfast?

The Blogger and the Journalist, MSM and New Media.

My view is simple – Lou Reed is a Journalist, Dr Johnson was a Journalist, anyone who records and interprets the world around them in words (whether set in music, paper, web or stone) is a Journalist. At times that will extend to painting, sculpture, dance, any form of communication. Picasso was a Journalist when he painted Guernica.

I’ve been in journalism in one form or another for a long time. I don’t see it as the preserve of one group of people. But who cares what I think? Most of the time I don’t.

But there are skills that someone who has been trained in News, Reporting, Newspaper, Radio and TV has learned, developed, been taught. I do not for one second underestimate those skills and have often envied the best:

To say nothing of turning a story around on the hoof, meeting a deadline, being first, fair and accurate. And when required, impartial.

Is a Blogger a Journalist? I think so. Can a Blogger really screw up simply because they didn’t check the facts? Oooooh yes. If an experienced Journalist can, so can a Blogger. I will never forget the day when the lawyer’s brown envelope arrived, recorded delivery, because I had been quoted (as it happened misquoted) in a national magazine about chlorofluorocarbons in a polystyrene coffee cup.

So is it worth a discussion at BarCamp? Not a discussion on MSM v Bloggers, I’m so tired of that. A discssion on what each can learn from the other. Along those lines, anyway.

Finding Bloggers will be easy – will Journos participate? I can only ask. What do you think? What’s the shape, form, agenda for such a discussion?