Paul Moore spoke at the first event to be held by the Northern Ireland Media Literacy Network last Thursday.

The Network was established following the Ofcom/University of Ulster conference Media Literacy for the 21st Century held last month. Unfortunately that event I missed, but last Thursday’s event was seriously interesting.

On the horizon is the UK Government’s Digital Britain report.  Paul outlined where the thinking for the report developed;

It is thought that the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland are worth £214 million per year.  Now, I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure that there has never been a full detailed audited piece of research into the value of Creative Industries in Northern Ireland.  I suspect that £214 million is a guess. There is a strategy  which defines the sectors and subsectors:

  • Design related industries o Architecture, Craft, Design, Fashion, Antiques
  • Expressive industries: Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts,
  • Media and information industries: Advertising, Film, Multimedia & Games Publishing, Software, Television & Radio.

Only £214 million?  Surely not.

Still – the initial meeting was inspiring. And I have a whole bunch off books to add to my reading list.
Digital Shock – Herve Fischer
Groundswell – Li and Bernoff
Creative Industries – John Huntley
But there was one particular piece that Paul talked about – but that’s for the next post.