Northern Ireland Media Literacy Network


Paul Moore spoke at the first event to be held by the Northern Ireland Media Literacy Network last Thursday.

The Network was established following the Ofcom/University of Ulster conference Media Literacy for the 21st Century held last month. Unfortunately that event I missed, but last Thursday’s event was seriously interesting.

On the horizon is the UK Government’s Digital Britain report.  Paul outlined where the thinking for the report developed;

It is thought that the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland are worth £214 million per year.  Now, I’m no economist, but I’m pretty sure that there has never been a full detailed audited piece of research into the value of Creative Industries in Northern Ireland.  I suspect that £214 million is a guess. There is a strategy  which defines the sectors and subsectors:

  • Design related industries o Architecture, Craft, Design, Fashion, Antiques
  • Expressive industries: Music, Performing Arts, Visual Arts,
  • Media and information industries: Advertising, Film, Multimedia & Games Publishing, Software, Television & Radio.

Only £214 million?  Surely not.

Still – the initial meeting was inspiring. And I have a whole bunch off books to add to my reading list.

Digital Shock – Herve Fischer

Groundswell – Li and Bernoff

Creative Industries – John Huntley

But there was one particular piece that Paul talked about – but that’s for the next post.

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