Ten Rules for Success


At the  Northern Ireland Media Literacy Network  event one of the books Paul Moore mentioned was Creative Industries by John Huntley. Paul  passed around a few pages for the book which are worth highlighting here.

Now we’ve all seen “10 Rules on … ”  anything you want and they are usually pop-psychology or pop-journalism.  But I liked these – they are much more perceptive than your standard blog fodder.

Here is a shortened version.
1 – Invent Yourself – Create a unique cluster of unique talents – Own your Image – break the rules – be clear about your own assets and talents. They are unique, They are all you have.

2 – Put the Priority on Ideas not data. Create and grow your own creative imagination. Build a personal balance sheet of intellectual capital.

3 – Be Nomadic – chose your own path and means of travel. You don’t have to be alone; most nomads travel in groups especially at night.

4 – Define yourself by your own (thinking) activities not by (job) title. If you are working for Company X doing job Y say you are doing job Y for company X. People who are brave call themselves Thinkers. Play Charles Hampden-Turner’s   “Infinite Game” in which everybody seeks mutually positive outcomes.

5 – Learn Endlessly.

6 – Exploit Fame and Celebrity. Being known – even slightly known – in the digital community of the 21st century is as important as typing skills were in the 20th century clerical economy. Be famous for being creative.

7 – Treat real as virtual and virtual as real At all times use the RIDER process: review, incubation, dreams, excitement and reality checks.

8 – Be kind.

9 – Admire success openly. Win but if you lose learn from that.

10 – Be very ambitious

11 – Have fun

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