Dev Days and the Northern Ireland iPhone Initiative


It was a rush in and a rush out; unfortunately the Belfast Dev Day coincided with a meeting I’ve been trying to arrange for weeks about a community radio idea. So I had only a few minutes at the event yesterday. On the positive side I only had a few minutes to speak which is fortunate for the delegates.

A week or so ago someone on Twitter posted a comment along these lines; “Is it just me or is Web Design in Belfast better than ever before?” I read and nodded in agreement. But last night I was listening to a compilation album produced by NIMIC “Sounds of the City” and it struck me that it’s not only web design that’s better than ever before – it’s design, music, technology, creativity in all areas is better than ever before.

I’ve been a participant, observer and commentator in the Creative Industries in Northern Ireland for the last 30 years. It has never been as good. Creatively we are at the beginning of a brilliant new phase. I say we are at the beginning because MOST PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT INVOLVED DON’T KNOW YET. I needed to shout that. Most people who should know don’t. This is strongly a grass roots movement.
People are finding their creativity and building on it like never before.

Further proof is Barcamp tomorrow. I’ll have a bit more time to enjoy that one.

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