U2 Manager Paul McGuinness on Copyright – Paul, you are wrong


Thanks for @pennydist for pointing out this story.

It appears that the U2 manager Paul McGuinness wants to continue intervention in a copyright model which is chronically ill and incurable and, well – to continue the medical analogy, on its last legs. Writing in France’s Le Figero (article republished in Guardian Music Blog – http://www.guardian.co.uk/music/musicblog/2009/apr/07/france-solution-online-piracy) he says:

“France is leading the way on this issue, with its new "creation and internet" law, and where France goes, the rest of the world may follow. This is certainly not about the future of U2, the band I have managed for over 30 years. But it is about the future of a new generation of artists who aspire to be the next U2 – and about the whole environment in which that aspiration can be made possible.”

He also gets a quick plug in for the U2 gigs at “Stade de France at a capacity of 93,000”. Once a marketeer, Paul … Now I have nothing against Paul McGuinness. I wish him well. His band has been a fav. of mine (on and off) for the 30 years he has been managing them. But why should my grand- and great-grand children be paying his and the rest of the band’s grand- and great grand children if in the year 2079 one of them downloads “A day without me”? (I like the drum break – my grandchildren will too. And they probably wont download, they will probably "intellimorph" or something like that.)

Paul; artists of all types and musicians of all types deserve to be paid and paid well – damn they should even have a guaranteed pension and live in San Remo Apartments West Central Park. And where possible the successful should share with the less successful. But the current rights laws are inherently wrong – wrong for the artists, wrong for the fans, but in this case more importantly wrong for the century and the technology.

U2 once looked to the artistic horizon and found something new. Perhaps it’s your turn to look to the business horizon and find something New 2 (geddit?)

That’s what ther new kidzzz are doing – and they are not kidzzz. They embace new business models and understand the new thinking. No, don’t go find it yourself, ask them and support them find a new way. Don’t support a legal body of law in terminal decline.

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