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Invest NI is about to announce two sessions on Intellectual Property.

You own what you create (thinks – that would have been a good title …) but many people working in the creative industries don’t quite understand that and if they do how to really take advantage of it.

There will be two half day sessions; 16 June in Conor Lecture Theatre at the Art College and on 17 June in Magee College in Derry. People lined up include Marice Cumber founder of Own-IT, Malcom Barclay Developer of Tube Deluxe App and Andrew Ferris, Smalltown America, Stuart Worthington, Music Tank.

The official word should be out in the next few days; I’ll blog it here and I expect it will be in [digitalcircle.org]9http://www.digitalcircle.org).

I seriously recommend that anyone making their business out of creativity should sign up as soon as you get the chance. Places are very limited.

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