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NI People – yes, trendy and cool and all that. But when a friend asks for help, let’s do what can be done.

On Tuesday morning at 6am, Maurice Jay from U105 (who I have known since literally he was in short trousers) will be going into the window of Debenhams at CastleCourt to live for 105 hours in aid of the Northern Ireland Hospice. Eating, sleeping, broadcasting etc until Saturday afternoon.

Louis Walsh and Westlife visited a similar event at our sister station FM104 in Dublin, so we too have lined up a number of visually recognisable “celebs” and luminaries to visit me in the window, but in order to keep the money flowing into the buckets, we are keen to have as many visitors as possible.”

So what can the underground music, artistic and creative community in Belfast and NI do to support MJ? I’m of an age where the Hospice has a meaning beyond just a name (OK?).


I won’Also I have challenged U105 to be more imaginative and use social media properly.  So I guess this is part of the challenge.t be there at 6 am on Tuesday – but I will be there from time to time over the 105 hours.

Here’s the deal. If you feel local media does not give you the support you think you deserve (or in my mind the support you DO deserve) then start by supporting them when they do good.

I leave it to you. Unconferences and so on are wonderful – but sometimes you need to look to the wider community.

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