Institute of Directors and the Chief Executives’ Forum meeting on Creative Industries


Last night I was at a meeting of the Institute of Directors and the Chief Executives’ Forum representing the Digital Circle.  They are keen to focus their attention on the creative industries. Also there were Rick Hill chair of IN Screen, Wendy Austin chair of Arts and Business, Tim McKane of PANI and Stuart Bailie of Oh Yeah where the event was held.

Our hosts were a pretty influential group of people including a couple of Permanent Secretaries of government departments.  And they were listening and interested.  This is what I had to tell them.

Digital Circle (DC) was formed from the Digital Content Advisory Group which worked with Invest NI on the NI Digital Content Strategy. DC’s steering group has 5 elected members a representative from Momentum (the NI ICT Federation) and employs one facilitator/organiser; Matt Johnston. There 113 members which rises each week.

The Digital Content Industry includes:

  • Web Content
  • Mobile Content
  • E-Learning
  • Games (consul games)
  • Serious Gaming (educational and training)
  • Film and TV (represented by NI Screen)
  • Digital Animation (represented by NI Screen and DC)
  • Music (represented by NIMIC)

The Strategy Document identifies these key issues relating to the Digital Content Industry and suggests specific actions:

  • Leadership
  • Investment
  • Skills and Training
  • Research and Development
  • Internationalisation

Each elected member of the Steering Group has responsibility for one of the key issues.

So why should the IoD and Chief Executive’s Forum should be interested in the Digital Content industry

  1. Digital Content and Software have a high growth potential but young businesses are in need of expert mentors and shrewd direction.
  2. Help build the knowledge economy; keep our young entrepreneurs and creatives here.The people who stay will be key to our future industry.
  3. Digital Media is a simple route to Market.
  4. NI can compete globally in creativity and innovation.
  5. Develop, retain and exploit IP
  6. Develop and guide young visionaries
  7. Let Belfast bloom; Belfast has 7 quarters named after history or culture yet Glasgow has a Digital Quarter looking to the future. Let’s have a Creative Quarter. An artist, alone in a garret can be creative, but creativity tends to happen when people come together.

Thanks to the other members of the DC Steering Group for their contribution to the list and to friends on Facebook and Twitter wo contributed, too.

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