There is something about September.


I don’t write about politics.

Over the last few weeks UK politicians have been pulling themselves to pieces over their nasty petty ego driven politics which has (deliberately?) over shadowed the real problems we face (the crappest economic conditions for almost 100 years). During that time, I have been talking to people; ordinary people who work for a living, who run businesses, who are trying and devising start-ups, new products and new ideas. You know – the people who actually drive the economy and take no credit as opposed to the politicians who tinker with it to favour their cronies, break it and when it is working take credit for it.

There is one clear message coming through from the many business people I have spoken to. Largely they are from the emerging industries, but not exclusively. “After the summer it will start getting better.” Nothing much is happening now; we are beginning to think about taking a summer break. But when the schools go back – in September it will start getting better. That’s the view – hope? – of many. It’s not based on research; it’s not based on economic analysis. It’s based on a feeling and optimism. And what drives a successful economy? (Well, apart from good products that people want to buy and the people who want to buy them having enough money to do that.)

What drives a successful economy is positive attitudes and optimism – it must be, because look what happened when it all turned to pessimism. So, if the infighting politicians screw that for us – well damn them all.

But I don’t write about politics and I don’t know anything about economics. But people tell me it’s going to start getting better in September.

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