Ulster Media Show – Advice from Twitter and Facebook


On Saturday morning, I and two others (former BBC Ireland Cor. Denis Murray and Mairéad Regan from UTV) will be talking to a group of 15 – 18 year olds members of the public interested in careers in the media.  It’ll be held in University of Ulster in Belfast.

“This inaugural Ulster Media Show will promote the best young talent in film, television, interactivity and journalism coming from 2009 graduates across Northern Ireland.” 

I’ll be talking about “interactive media”. So, naturally I asked my friends on Facebook and Twitter for suggestions about what advice I should give.

So thanks for this:
alaninbelfast To maximise work opportunities & output, multi-skill yourself – blog with audio & video as practice & a showcase

keithbelfast   learn how to use everything (video, audio etc), befriend a webdesigner, learn a different language.

Robert Reid  To believe in themselves, take action and enjoy the results!

John McAliskey  Get a trade!

Maurice Jay    We should be asking them!

David Braziel  Some basic critical thinking would be nice – common fallacies, the difference between correlation and causation, even a simple understanding of probability. All very useful especially for journalists.

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