Adrian Lennon Steps Down as Digital Circle Chair


Adrian Lennon has announced his resignation as Chair of Digital Circle.

Adrian’s business, Being Online, is expanding and he is moving to London to open an office there.

Adrian is the founding Chair of the group that became Digital Circle. He has put a great deal of time and effort into over the last few years. Without Adrian’s professional and personal commitment Digital Circle would simply not exist. He has been a friend to me and the industry in Northern Ireland and will be missed.

He has a fantastic opportunity to grow his business in London and we all wish him well.

The DC Steering Group has elected me as the Chair and I thank them for that vote of confidence.

I am very pleased that Kevin Traynor of Sonic Academy will be joining the Steering Group. Kevin is the next in line following the Steering Group elections earlier this year.

So very best wishes to Adrian for his new venture and thanks to Kevin for stepping up to the mark.

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