Belfast Telegraph to start new column on using social media in business


I expect the majority of people who read this post will have found it through a link from Twitter. So you are already involved in social media. Great; I want to know more.

Others will have come to the post because they subscribe to the feed. So they are involved with Social Media, too. Great; I want to know more.

(Help for pedants, here)

We who have embedded ourselves in social media tend to think that … well, everybody does it. Most people? Some? I recently met someone whose business card is only their Twitter @username. They discovered very quickly that most businesses don’t Twitter.

We Twitteratti, Identicatti, Blogatarians, Linkedinians and other social medians (wow! it is like a religion), we are in a minority.

There is no objective data I know of that will support the next statement, but it’s not a wild stab in the dark, either. Businesses that use social media are in an even smaller minority. And having a flat web site does not qualify as using social media.

(Sounds off stage) Well, get to the point, Sims.

Yes, I know that there are businesses in Northern Ireland that use online social networking platforms. I’ve helped a few start. I’ve see a few others fail because they really don’t get the concept. I’m looking for lots and lots of examples of good practice, good stories and interviews with people who have something interesting to say about using Facebook, Twitter and so on in a business setting. I’m not (at this stage anyway) looking for sales pitches, thanks.

The Belfast Telegraph has asked me to do a regular column about Business and Social Media. Well, I’m going to need help. And these are my first thoughts:

  • Businesses built around offering social media propositions
  • People who have had success using social media
  • People who go way beyond Twitter and Facebook
  • Politicians who use networks properly (yes I have seen a twittering politician in real life – take a bow @basilmccrea)
  • There is at least one business in Belfast building a new social media tool, are there others?
  • Who’s got a ning site?
  • Who’s got something better?
  • What are the threats and the opportunities for social media in the work place.
  • Does anyone have a private network in the work place connecting you with people/offices in other sites or countries?

And beyond Northern Ireland, too. I’m interested in hearing stories from anywhere – particularly how businesses in NI can benefit.

Kick off is late July – I’ll begin compiling over the next few days.

I’d appreciate any RT’s, links to or any other support.

I can offer nothing apart from the prospect of your screen name in print.

Contact details are as usual:

@davy_sims on Twitter

A fuller list is available on the footer of

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