One of the best programmes on the radio is The Bottom Line presented by Evan Davis.  It’s on Radio 4, but reversioned for World Service and News 24 – the BBC News Channel.

Carolyn McCall is Chief Executive of the Guardian Newspaper Group, publishers of The Guardian, The Observer, Manchester Evening News and Auto Trader and some radio stations and EMAP. She was one of the guests on a recent edition of The Bottom Line.

What she said stopped me in my tracks.  It wasn’t that newspapers are facing difficult times, or that some newspapers exist for influence rather than profit.  It wasn’t that the Guardian has 30 million unique users on the website.  

 It was about Auto Trader. She said it  “… has trasitioned from being  a magazine business to being predominantly a digital business.  It still has magazines but about £100 million of its profit now is digital profit.”

£100,000,000 from the web. Profit.

Let the discusion begin.