I’m slightly torn about posting this mainly because of my position in Digital Circle, an organisation set up to grow the digital content industry in Northern Ireland.  On one hand, an unintended outcome could be the outsourcing work to China on the other hand there might be opportunities for digital content businesses here – and Ireland and Britain – to do business with China, which would be a pretty good outcome.

Here’s the story.  I got a call from a friend who until recently held a fairly senior position in what was the Department of Trade and Industry in London.  He is now based in London and Thailand visiting China almost every month.  His area of expertise is Digital Content.

He asked me if I knew anyone interested in building business links with what is simply the world’s biggest market to either sell into or buy work from.

I’m treading carefully. 

Anyone been eyeing China to do business with?  You can get me at the usual addresses.

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