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We had a great turnout at the Internationalisation group on 22nd July. From the meeting there were several actions which Matt and I have been working on.

One of the Actions is easy: a list of Trade Missions. That is already on the Digital Circle:

One of the other actions is to find out which international events/conferences/sales and FDI opportunities there are that DC members would prioritise and Invest NI might support. If you have any thoughts on that, then could you discuss on the special interest group or contact me or Matt directly.

We will get round to publishing all the notes and actions.

I’m planning the next Internationalisation meeting for around 27th August; more detail to follow. The idea of the groups is to be as open as possible to all members, missing one does not exclude you from others, attending one does not commit you to the rest. So I’ll post the details of the next in the SIG section in due course.

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