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A business in Belfast that I have been doing some work with is in “acquisition mode”.  They are looking to expand their multi-media portfolio and client base.

They are a mature company well established in print, product design, and branding.  They already have a track record in multi-media and have an excellent studio with some multi-media specialists.

The business is looking for an existing two or three person operation “who know databases inside out” to acquire. The ideal business that they would like to engage with would have

  • 2 to 3 years experience,
  • have a client base which they are able to expand,
  •  a demonstrable track record.

The sort of skills this business they are keen to acquire would be proficient in

  • Sever side development,
  • Client side development,
  • proficiency in online marketing.

This is about more than just web design.  The way it was put to me was “on screen deliverables”.

I have done some work with the studio and they are a very talented and motivated crew.  I’ve worked with their management and they are positive, active and have a long back-story in interactive and multi-media.

So if you think your businesses fits the bill (or if you know of one that does), if you are a business ready to expand and develop new business, then please drop me a note. Confidentiality for both parties is promised (so please don’t ask – more information for genuine enquiries).

You can be anywhere in Northern Ireland, working from home (or a bunch of homes), or established with your own brand.

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