Ancient Environment Campaign

Davy Sims
Davy Sims
Ancient Environment Campaign

The Midnight Oil “Beds Are Burning” has been revived for the “tck, tck, tck campaign” YouTube Video here.  Back in ohh … the late 1980’s I produced a Radio 1 Environmental campaign with names like Peter Gabriel, Sting, Paul McCartney and a barely heard of comedian called Steve Coogan.  It was going to be called Radio 1 Green Week, but for the first time the Green Party was a serious contender in the pending European elections, so I had to change the name.

Here are a few examples – and I know I’m breaking copyright here, but what the tck, tck,tck.

Oh – and what is that music I used for the main part of the campaign (there example here is Peter Gabriel)?

Here’s Peter Gabriel (mp3)

And Sting

And Paul McCartney (yes, I produced Paul McCartney once) @nickmgbaker wrote the script.

It got two awards by the way one at the New York Radio Festival and the other in  London – presented by the not very well known other comedian Stephen Fry.

It was the second time I had met Stephen – the first time was in Belfast previewing the first Red Nose Day when Mike Edgar and I were interviewing Ben Elton and wondering who that tall man in cords with him was.

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