“And I’ll ask the panel to introduce themselves”


I had a great job yesterday.  First apologies to all who had sent questions for the ITLG http://www.itlg.org/Belfast_Event_09/ceo_panel.phpVC/CEO Panel which I didn’t manage to get in.  I did get in a few (and Jeff –I did talk to them about the Delaware Flip idea before hand and they all agreed that it was a good idea).

Someone told me afterwards that I had around $5billion VC Funding sitting to my left on the panel answering questions.  I suspect there was actually more – and a few other $billion funding in the audience too.  The event was one of the highlights of the visit to Belfast.  I was initially concerned that the output might not be as exciting or entertaining as it could be.  Perhaps good manners and politeness would get in the way of a bit of argument.  But within minutes there was disagreement and differing interpretations and opinions.  And we were off.
Brendan Richardson

Straight forward answers predominated and the audience appeared to genuinely enjoy what they were hearing.  They also put direct questions to the panel and were prepared to offer direct opinions.

Moderating a discussion like that is almost identical to producing a live radio programme.  The first five minutes feels like an hour and the rest of the time speeds by like … something that speeds by very fast indeed.

I hope someone was taking notes.  We were told what they as VCs expected of business and industry (specifically in Northern Ireland – and generally in any geographic region).  The fact that people enjoyed it and found it interesting and /or useful was of course nothing to do with the chairmanship – it’s all to do with the panel and the audience.  So, thanks to you all for making it a fantastic experience.

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  1. Davy Sims

    The whole thing was recorded by ITLG – their site is itlg.org. I’ll be asking them about when it will be available and post the answer here.D

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