Digital Circle Meets Irish Technology Leadership Group


Following the ITLG events on Wednesday (here) and (here) Matt, Aidan, Andy, Marty and I (most of the DC Steering Group) went to meet ITLG Chairman John Hartnett who is also President & Chief Executive Officer at G24 Innovations, Johnny Gilmore – CEO, Sling Media (originally from Warrenpoint) and David Kirk formerly of this parish.

Ten minutes in front of people like that can be the precursor of development, the kick in a kick start, especially when they are asking the question “How can we help?” Johnny John and David were not only asking that question, but are prepared to put work if required. It was a challenging room; we had a short precise shopping list. And I want to compliment Matt who was doing the talking.

There’s to be some thinking and more importantly more conversation. And I have no doupt something beneficial for everyone will emerge.

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