Hunting down the Radio 4 Generation


A long long time ago when the Conservative Party was  led by Mrs Margaret Thatcherwho was the single most important individual on the UK (actually the British – NI didn’t matter) political scene, the BBC started the Radio 4 Generation.  It was featured recently on the BBC’s Feedback programme.

I was one of the producers making six programmes on indiviual members and a special on Europe.

Recently I have been wondering whatever happened the R4Gen (which we never called it). I’m pretty sure it fell apart for 2 reasons; the Controller Radio 4 changed (as did the programme priorities) and the computer that had all the contact details crashed with evaporating in a clouds of 10010101010101010’s

So whatever happened the Radio 4 Generation?  Can we put them together before the next election?  Can I convince the powers at Radio 4 to make one more programme as these R4Genners hit middle age?

Can you help?

The Radio 4 Generation Hits middle age … I nominate Fry as the presenter and Testbed as the production company.  I’ll help.  Can you?


Let’s prove Social Media and revive the Radio 4 Middle Aged Generation.  Are they all PM/Eddie Mair and Archers fans? (I remember Mair on Breakaway)


Nick/Stephen (you know who you are) – are you for it?

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