ITLG VC/CEO Panel Discussion


Next week (week beginning 19 October) the Irish Technology Leadership Group will be in Belfast.  Among them, international investors will be looking for companies north and south to talk to and perhaps do business with. 

On Wednesday 21st a panel discussion will be held in Belfast City Hall with VCs and Senior Executives from Silicon Valley.  There will be an audience of more than 150 people who will be a mix of start-up CEO’s, industry leaders, university leaders, politicians and government officials.

I’ll be chairing the panel. 

I think it is important that the agenda for conversation and question and answer session is set by the audience.  The panel will be talking about who they are and why they are in Belfast.  The audience will be able to ask questions, discuss opinions, explore ideas.  But I would really like you to help me set the theme for the day.

My background is journalism, broadcasting and digital media.  Technology is much wider than that and the issues around technology are important to Northern Ireland.  What is the importance of digital health care? Is Clean Tech really the Next Big Thing? What are we doing in bio Tech?  Is business in Northern Ireland “investor ready”?  Come to that what does “investor ready” really mean?

I do not want to wait until the beginning of the session to start the conversation and set the theme.  With your help – whether you are going to be there or not – I would like to start the conversation now.  What are the Big Issues? What are the Big Questions? You can email me or or add to the blog.

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