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A friend who held a senior post in the Department of Trade and Industry (now Business Innovation and Skills) in London, now has his own company, Levering Limited, and shares his time between the UK and Asia where he now spends much of his time.  He is working from there with businesses in China largely on Outsourcing.  Mervyn has first hand, up to date knowledge and experience of 20 Chinese cities and many local innovative, talented hi-tech companies – all with robust IP protection and excellent English language skills.  He is also a Global Star Certified Adviser to the International Institute for Outsource Management.

Mervyn and I are doing some business together on providing services from China to the UK and Ireland.

Businesses from here who I have spoken to in the past have not been terribly impressed with outsourcing to India; they find it hard to manage the work with the agent in India and the work being done there. No one that I have spoken to has done work with China.  However, with someone here (me) and someone there (Mervyn), I think we can offer a more efficient service. You would be dealing with me face to face, me with Mervyn on Skype and Mervyn face to face with the suppliers in China.  Yes there is an extra link, but one that until now appears to be missing.

So if you are looking to outsource anything below on, for example, IT, Content/Media, Business Process, contact me and we will have a face to face conversation on sourcing a suitable partner in China.

  • Software and Application Development across all industries, including Testing and Maintenance
  • New Media and Content Management, including Games, eLearning, Web Design, Flash and 3D Animation
  • Translation and Localisation
  • Full Range of Enterprise Solutions, e.g. Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Database Entry and Management, Infrastructure Management, HR, Accounting,
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Telecoms, including iPhone apps
  • Financial Services
  • Embedded technology
  • Semi conductor chip technology
  • R&D
  • Plant design and automation

A partnership with China could substantially enhance your organisation's competitiveness, as well as potentially helping to access the world’s largest, fastest growing market.  The overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 Companies have outsourcing partners in China – an increasingly attractive outsourcing destination for companies of all sizes.

Drop me a line: ds at davysims dot co dot uk

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