You’ll never go hungry in Holywood


Cafe Nero opened today in Holywood.  That means there are at least 12 coffee/snack places plus carry-outs and restaurants.

From memory, here's a list starting at the top (Belfast end) of the town  – a total distance of 500 yards:

High Street …
Bukara Indian restaurant
Sun Island Chinese Carry Out
Holywood Pizza Carry Out
Bay Tree Coffee/snack/lunch
Another Pizza place (almost opposite)
Coffee Yard (Coffee/snack/lunch)
Subway coffee/snack
Centra Carry Out
The Streat coffee
Kentucky Chicken (?) Carryout
Georgia's (?) Chippie 
Fontana Restaurant
Cafe Nero Coffee
Cafe Kina Coffee
The Attic
Skinners (Bakery Cafe)
Coffee Emporium
Wine and Co
Water Margin (Chinese)
Ganges (Indian)
Holywood Fish Cafe

Other Streets …
Enigma restaurant (Sullivan Place)
Platform Restaurant/Bar (Hibernia St)
Dante's Sandwich Take Away (Hibernia Street)
Koi (Chinese/Asian) (Shore Street) 
Loganberry Coffee (Shore Street)
Panini's (Coffee) Church Road
Dynasty Chinese Take Away Church Road
The Bistro Church Road
That other Chippie on Hibernia Street

(Noticed another new coffee shop on Church Road today – missed the name)
And there is work going on in what used to be Jiggery's

I've probably left out a few – so I'll update as I remember them all.

2 Replies to “You’ll never go hungry in Holywood”

  1. Davy Sims

    Oh and On Key the Chinese takeaway beside Streat.Should include Dirty Duck although it’s away from High Street

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