£950 million Green Data Centre for Scotland


Following the post yesterday about the DETI announcement  of £48 million on telecoms infrastructure, friend Bill McCluggage drew my attention to this: 

Data centre to attract crucial investment

He mentioned it in his Twitter stream yesterday too. 

And he is right the NI investment is Dwarfed by Scotland. The story in a nutshell: “A £950 million ‘green’ data centre targeting £3.5 billion of potential inward investment has been approved for Scotland.” 

I strongly believe that individuals and families all over Northern Ireland should have access to high quality broadband.  Bill was one of the driving forces behind getting NI to where it is now (and achieved that about 5 years ago).  But in a post industrial economy where cranes that helped build ships are now tourist attractions and where there is the skills and talent to develop a robust digital economy, then the Investment focus needs to shift to supporting the emerging digital economy.  We could have the best connectivity in the world – we should have the best connectivity (up and down) in the UK.

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