Still getting to grips with my new Web/DAB/FM radio that Mrs. Sims gave me for Christmas. With more than 14.000 radio stations, 1,200 Listen Again and 3,000 podcasts, it's a joy to play with, but a nightmare to navigate. One of the first stations I found was WOMC Detroit which is a fairly standard US AOR (i.e. unchallenging) station, but the music is agreabe.  The temptation  is to stick to that or the all Tamala Motown station.  Not because they're the best in the world, but to search out other stations is a slightly tedious affair.

There is a web site that connects to the radio (The Lounge) where you can change and add "Favourites" which are then fed to the Radio, it could really be beefed up to be the place to Find Play and Share taking the difficulty out of finding stations.  

So I'm looking for recommendations for new radio stations to listen to;  Speech and Music.

Of course as it is a PURE radio, the sound is stunning and many of the Internet stations' sounds are outstanding.
People have been telling me that this really is the future of Radio – and I have to agree.  But DXing needs to be made easier.

Fantastic present though – wouldn't be without it.  And it's great not having to be stuck with the laptop. Thanks Mrs Sims

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