Star Singers


Off this evening to [Star Singers]( – otherwise known as "the choir for people who can't sing". A slightly unfair epithet as most of the people I saw there a few weeks ago could sing – and sing well. What's particularly notable about the choir is that members don't have to be able to sing well or read music. They know the songs (California Dreaming, Heatwave, Daydream Believer) from the 60's and 70's (and maybe more recently). If they don't the words are projected on a screen and if some one doesn't the tune … they can pick it up as you go along. Why? Well, singing should be fun; if it's not, what's the point? And plenty of people think it is – there were between 50 and 60 people there last time. Tonight is the first of the new term. It'll be interesting to see how many turn up tonight. And, no, I won't be part of the choir. Just recording some of the performance for a Your Place and Mine report.

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