Time to be Proud Oh Yeah


I’ve never been so busy.  I mean never, ever in my life.  

But I’m more than grateful to William Maxwell for sending me a preview of “Time to be Proud”. I’ve 5 tracks of new versions of some classic ’80’s punk/new wave songs which have been uplifting to hear.  Here is the track listing:

  • Radio On performed by Paul (ex Lunitic Fringe).  It’s a classic Rudi song.  This version is made even better with my voice, Ivan Martin and Mike Edgar’s voices mixed in … oh and John Peel, too
  • I can only Dream – Protex song performed by Katie and the Carnival – fantastic re-imagining and performance.
  • One by One – performing the wonderful Ruefrex song – much as I loved the original, I think this adds even more
  • and John D’Arcy doing Star Jets’ “War Stories”.  Cannot shake it out of my head.  Well done young John.
  • Visions of Hooley by Acme Ltd
There is more to come.  36 songs; are they all re-versioning and re-imagining some classic NI tunes?

Can’t wait to get (yes I’ll even buy) the full CD.

There is a gig on 30 April in Oh Yeah.  Much as I prefer to stay in at night, these days, but this is one event that I will go to.

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