iPad – I’m still unconvinced


I’m not the advert – I’m not a PC, but I use a PC. The cool design and the enthusiasm of friends for Apple products have often led me to the virtual door step of the Apple Online Store. I was an early buyer (but not owner – bought presents for Adam and Owen) of iPods. When the battery died on one I went into the Apple Store on London’s Oxford Street to buy a replacement, only to be told I had to send the whole gadget to Apple to have the battery replaced … seriously 21st century technology with 1930’s customer relations. They couldn’t even do it there and then. Bollox!

I do rather like the ease of iTunes. I have music I would never have bought in a shop. But in general I would prefer the CD, transfer it to iTunes and transfer after that as I would like to. I’m also confused by my ultra techie friends who worship at the altar of Apple but stop off at the well of open source along the way. I can’t reconcile a passion for openness and the admiration for the closed business modal of Apple. I’m genuinely shocked at how some people react when any criticism of Apple is greeted as if you’d said their children are ugly and smell of poo.

I don’t love PC or Microsoft the same way that I don’t love my garden rake. My garden rake does the job it is built to do. It takes a long time to walk to the garden shed find it out and bring it to the pile of leaves. And it takes a longer for the PC to kick in than an Apple product. But it does the job – and it runs Flash.

Temptation is a terrible thing. I searched ‘buy iPad’ this evening – and entered the Apple Store. A top end iPad just under £800 – expensive, but what the hell. Temptation. But I also noticed this posting on the Google Results page ‘Why I won’t buy an iPad (and think you shouldn’t, either‘.

I’m thinking twice. I’ve never been ‘cool’ and I don’t think having a new electronic gadget will make me cool. I need a better reason to have one.

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