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The Digital Circle has opened nominations for the election of the Steering Group.  Anyone who reads this blog (if anyone does …) will probably not need any explanation of Digital Circle.
New readers can start here: Digital Circle sprang from the Invest Northern Ireland Digital Content Strategy .  The idea was to represent the Digital Content Industry in Northern Ireland.  It is a perilously small and fragmented industry comprising largely individuals or small companies of fewer the 5 people.  There are some big beasts; BBC, Belfast Telegraph, UTV who have not been much involved in DC – they really should be. (I strongly believe they have a lot to learn from the smaller businesses here as do the smaller businesses from them. It’s less about the technology more about the ideas and attitudes.)  Part of the role of Digital Circle was to help bring together those smaller businesses to give them a voice and strength working together, build relationships and to foster development in the content community.
DC has gone a long way to achieving those objectives.  But there is a long way yet to go and the current DC team are aware of that.
There are those who say “What has Digital Circle done for me?” to which the answer is “Have you actually become actively involved in DC?”  For the success of everyone, participation by everyone is crucial.  It’s not what DC will do for the industry, it’s what the industry will do for itself.  DC will support.  DC if you like is the platform, what the businesses do is the content.

And it I well connected. To quote from the DC Ninig site

The Steering Group represents the industry when working with our colleagues in other sectoral groups and organisations such as Momentum, NIScreen, NISP CONNECT, HALO, The Arts Council, IntertradeIreland and Invest Northern Ireland.

So where do I think DC should be going in the next phase?  I gave that a lot of thought when I was the Chair (business commitments meant that I had to stand down).  I expect that I will be writing about that over the next few weeks.

I don’t think long blog posts are good practice.

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