– Just what I always wanted

For a long time in my own inept way, I tried to create a daily page of news items that I found interesting and that other people I know might find interesting.  But without programming skills and enough disposable income to get someone to do it for me, the idea fell by the wayside.
Among the main reasons I use Twitter are to find out what other people are reading, what news is breaking in papers, magazines, web sites and so I follow them, if I find a title of interest, I’ll follow that to the site.
But then a few days ago saw the Stephen Fry Daily via a Twitter link ( I followed that only to discover I could create my own auto-newspaper  And there it was – the think I have wanted for years!
OK there are down sides – it is created automatically, I have little control over the content.  I can choose who I follow – they choose the content they want to distribute; that’s what gets into my Daily.  I would pay for more editorial control – but I’m an Editor, I want editorial control.  However the unexpected content makes it more interesting, I suppose.
I’d love an archive – don’t think it has that facility – would definitely pay for that.
Davy Sims Daily comes out every afternoon – I signed up in the afternoon, the daily is published at 24 hour intervals.  So if you are signing up for yours – choose the time of day to suit your reading.  Morning would have been better for me.
But this is what I wanted and the internet Fairy delivered.  It might (and I mean might) be a reason to buy an iPad …
And now for some music

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