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A few years ago (pre Twitter and Facebook) I was toying with including a section in my web site of links and commentary on stories I had read each day. Without requisite coding skills, it became a tiresome task and was quickly abandoned.


During the summer I came across Paper.li which automatically produces a web page of ‘news’.  The page is not curated by me; it’s created by the people I follow on Twitter who add links to the stories that interest them. Paper.li collects the links and sprinkles the magic dust which creates the web page. So I get the credit for other people’s work.


There are down sides.  I have no control of what goes into each edition.  A few weeks ago someone posted a link to an image that I thought wsa in bad taste, but I knew that some people who follow me on Twitter would find very offensive.  So I had to delete the whole account for a day.


While Paper.li posts a message on Twitter when it is published (and I really must halt that), the page is really what you are telling me is interesting rather than what I want to tell you is interesting.


So thanks for the links – you give me something interesting to read every day.  I must return the favour sometime.

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