Another Next Big Thing – Personal Digital Organisation

Tech start ups in Northern Ireland looking for the next big thing could do no worse than think about personal digital organisation.  Yesterday morning’s New York Times writes about the digital clutter in our lives:

We used to wrestle with managing overstuffed closets and bookcases teetering on collapse. Now our digital closets are overflowing, too: Facebook wall messages. Tweets. LinkedIn profiles and messages. Family photo albums. A music collection from Gustav Mahler to Manu Chao.

Thanks to cloud computing, we now have seemingly limitless, Internet-based storage. But our files are scattered across devices — a smartphone, netbook, e-reader, U.S.B. keys, an MP3 player and a home computer…
The challenge, analysts say, is being able to offer comprehensible and interoperable services for data originating from a plethora of electronic devices.

Booz estimates that the U.S. market for content management services will expand 50 percent over the next four years to hit $4 billion by 2012. Figures for the rest of the world are unavailable.

I used to have a messy desk using the “volcano” filing system; important stuff goes to the centre, unimportant stuff falls to the floor and eventually goes into the bin.  Since computers came along, my desk is tidier – but my electronic files are a mess.
Most techie people I know are vey tidy – so you probably don’t know the problems us normal humans have.

So my tip for the next big thing is personal digital organisation.

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