Isn’t that what we used to call Cross Platform?


One of the new buzz words is Transmedia.  Wired magazine are getting awfully excited about it. When I first read about Transmedia I thought, “Isn’t that what we were talking about almost 10 years ago?  Then we called it Cross Platform.” No, these guys are so hip and forward thinking, I must be wrong.  So, thanks Warren Ellis who says in this article (point 4)

 “This is now the preferred term in Hollyweird for what we used to call “cross-platform.” Which means a story or format that can be applied to everything from film and TV to streaming video, apps, books, DVD, audio, whatever. I think 80 percent of the people I talked to in L.A. in July said “transmedia” to me at some point.”

@currybet‘s law states that “The more BBC staff that are present in a meeting, the probability of ‘Doctor Who’ being mentioned approaches one“.  Doctor Who is the pre-eminent example of  a Transmedia brand. It might come as a surprise that when we were discussing the potential for Cross Platform in 1999 one potential project was Ballykissangel.

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