Facebook Desert Island Discs

  • Just for the fun of it I decided to do my own Desert Island Discs on Facebook.
    Any other day there might be a different selection.  But this is my list for tonight.
    Doing this was so much better than watching TV.
    These are – of course in reverse order
  • And finally on my Facebook Desert Island Discs – the book. I should be all intellectual and go for Camus The Myth of Sisyphus but really I want a big glossy book about The West Wing. Pure fantasy – we’ll never have anything like this at Stormont


    The “West Wing”: The American Presidency as Television Drama Television Series: Amazon.co.uk: Peter C. Rollins, John E. O’Connor: Books
  • There could have been so many more – but n the end you choose 8 for Desert Island Discs and there has to be a Van Morrison – grumpy so and so as he is. This is my Van song – and I think I might have been in the audience for this …



    From Van Morrison in Ireland, 1979 in Dublin and Belfast. Van the Man
  • How many do have left????? This has got to be one. There are several versons, but this is the one I like best



    The West Wing Season 3 Opening Credits

  • Only three left for my Facebook Desert Island Discs and suddenly the decisions are very difficult. This has to be one, though. Checking it out on YouTube, it has had 14 million views – I’m amazed – but it deserved it. They provided the main song for The Departed. Only 2 left and so much to choose from



    Dropkick Murphys perform this song on the waterfront in East Boston. While hanging with hooligans and runnin’ from the cops.

  • I was seriously thinking of Steve Riech’s “Drumming” next (you tube link is watch?v=USRGNr17Jm4) but that’s pretty hard going if you are not in the mood. So in a more laid back way my next choice is Boys of Summer

  • It doesn’t take long to use 8 tunes for Desert Island Discs, does it. I’m on number 4 and have not even thought too much about it. Fans of Across The Line should know that almost 25 years ago it started live as The Bottom Line – here’s why. Even them we were dancing to the tune of economic decline. The horses are on the track.

  • The After Rudi and John Adams my Desert Island Discs choices get a little more difficult. What are yours? Somewhere I should have Rory Gallagher. First band I saw were Taste in 1969. I wantet to see Blodwyn Pig and my mate Alan bought Taste tickets – Excellent choice. Thanks Alan. Ulster Hall – winter 1969 or 68 – so it should be Bullfrog Blues … but I think I’ll go for … Goin’ to my home town … no it ‘s g

  • And number 2 in my 8 Desert Island Discs is this ….

  • Been thinking about the 8 discs I would choose for Desert Island Discs. They change every time, but this always tops the list.



    rudi-big time-7 inch-uk 1978 1- big time 2-no. 1 On this date in 1978, Rudi released their debut single, “Big Time”. The B side was “No. 1”. The punk/power pop band hailed from the same area of Belfast, Ireland as Stiff Little Fingers. The band released several singles and EP’s but no album by the 


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