Week in WIMPS – Week Beginning 21 February 2011


Last week ended at the Queens Film Theatre in Belfast at a screening of films made by young people. New volunteer Kevin got his first shot at camera work and Nora and Paddy their first work under a professional TV director. We were covering the event and for CTVC.

The week ends as it strated, up to our eyes in the development of the new web site. Front – the designers – took us through a series of penetrating one to one interviews and group sessions helping them understand the philosophy and values of Public Achievement and the WIMPS project. It was an analysis that had us asking each other about what it is we do as an organisation and where we are going. And that’s before we began talking about the web site itself.

There are enormous expectations about the site and how we can build something that helps young people express their ideas and connect with each other and more importantly how they can create their own content. It’s most definitely not FaceBook revisited.

With that in mind, and during one of the conversations that it became apparent that there is a big rise in young people using BlackBerries as their handset of choice. Big surprise for me; like most people I associate BlackBerries with business. I asked FaceBook whether this anecdotal evidence stood up. Responses were fascinating (see here if you are logged on to FaceBook).

Whether it’s the deals or the messaging, BlackBerries are not just a business tool

Creating additional social media tools is also on the agenda this week. The web site should be only one (if the main) place where were communicate and create. So in addition to Facebook Fan Page and Group Twitter Youtube here and here
I’m adding Vimeo, Flickr, Delicious, QIK, AudioBoo, and others.

Wednesday evening is the regular WIMPS Crew meeting. We’ve been deciding who we want to interview and the subjects they want to cover. Almost the top of the list is Mental Health Provision for young people in Northern Ireland. And we’ve drawn up the list of who they want to interview before the Assembly election in May.

Thursday evening was Deb’s evening. We had a live webstream of young people from Public Achievement’s ‘Away from Violence’ project presenting films they have made in their communities. We’ll be uploading the films soon.

And finally another session with the Fronties about the web site discussing audience, content and user engagement.

Next week is a big one with two major events in Armagh and Coleraine.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

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