The Week in WIMPS


The week in WIMPS

Week ending 17 June 2011

On the 23 February, WIMPS Facebook page had 411 followers. We started to build from that and this week the Crew set a target of 1000 ‘likes’ for the page by the end of the month. With 608 (as I write) we are heading to reach that target.

So please give generously of your ‘likes’ if you haven’t already.
The big story of the week was the response we had to the report on the conference held in Belfast on how parents can help their children "avoid homosexuality" and how to psychologically overcome homosexuality. The story itself caused a stir in all the media. Not only did we get a lot of comment on the web site and on our Facebook pages, Ludwig O’Neill had over 100 comments on his Facebook pages  Thanks for the support Lugwig.
In another story we heard from families who have been affected by suicide and suicide attempts. One of the organisers made a very significant point. He said that last year there were around 54 or 55 road deaths last year. Yet 314 died by suicide. He argues that this needs all government departments to work together. It’s not just the job for the Health Minister. 
Nora and some of the WIMPS Crew are working on a documentary on suicide. Support for young people with mental health problems is one of the main issues WIMPS will be campaigning.
Lowering the voting age is something else WIMPS will continue to debate. Tom made his first report about that. He and Shiv hit the streets last Saturday to gather some opinion. Not everyone agrees.
Great excitement through the week as we build up to the Coaching weekend in Derry. Debs A has been organising and is at this moment wading through paper as she puts together to information packs for the people attending.
Garrett has been developing Vlogs from the Crew – you can see some first attempts on YouTube
Debs A and Paul were at the Youth Work and Participative Democracy Conference at Youth Action’s HQ.
Debs E returned from Rwanda. You can read her blog here.
Then out of the blue on Thursday WIMPS got international recognition in a prestitous blog from MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts The Enabling City: Towards a Culture of Everyday Democracy and in their publication The Enabling City.

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