The Week in WIMPS


The Week In Wimps

Film maker Marc Mulholland joined the team. He’ll train Crew and Staff to make video better and help drive up our production standards – welcome Marc.

Debs A WIMPS Youth Worker got the chance to get her feet under a desk – almost for the first time and led the WIMPS Wednesday night for the first time.

Debs E headed off to Rwanda for an adventure.

Aoibheen and Shauneen were told they were off to New York later this month as part of a WIMPS project – now time to fundraise.

Tom joined as a new Crew member on Wednesday.

Laura and Karen did some presentation training (“Karen, this is how you use a microphone – is it on?”)

Julie, Conor, Mirna, Nora and a bunch of others did a two day course on making video.

Linda began planning Wee WIMPS for a much younger age group.

Karen was recognised in the street from her appearances in WIMPScasts.

Oisin (as in Ask Oisin) was recognised by Belfast’s new Lord Mayor, an MLA and an MEP.

We worked with the Community Relations Council making a video of their big conference.

And I got my desk cleared for the first time since January.

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