Really useful technology


Staring into the future in the in the middle of the last century usually included a humanoid shaped robot with a vacuum cleaner (sometimes wearing an apron).



Other predictions from the past include everyone having a computer to do our office work leaving us lots of time for lovely leisure.

We did get computers, which made us more efficient at work, leaving us lots of extra time for … more work. What ever happened the paperless office, come to that? There’s more paper than ever!

But let’s get back to that vacuuming robot. Now this is not intended as a commercial or a product review. This is a word or two in praise of the iRobot. A friend lent us (me and Mrs. Sims) one a few weeks ago and let me tell you!

It works – and better still it doesn’t need supervision and it scares the dog who quickly runs for ‘basket’ with literally a hang-dog expression.

Here’s an amusing video —

And I get to read a book – on a Kindle.

So here’s looking forward to my person jet-pack.

Or one that costs less than $86,000.

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