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Free Event!

Millennium Forum in on 20 July at 2.00

Interested in Media, Journalism and Politics?

Come and join us for a fun event at the Millennium Forum launching the brand new WIMPS Crew.  We are looking for young people form all backgrounds with an interest in media and politics who want to make their voices heard. WIMPS stands for ‘Where Is My Public Servant?’ It’s a web site and project run by young people for young people. It’s all about getting your voice out there and in particular to help influence decision makers in government and other places as well as changing and improving things in our community. The first WIMPS Crew outside Belfast launches in the Millennium Forum in Derry/Londonderry on 20 July at 2.00. 

WIMPS Crew, Coaches and Staff will be there to tell you about the WIMPS project and plans to start a brand new Crew. We’ll bring some of our kit, show you our videos and tell you about how you can get involved. WIMPS is open to any young people who want to become more engaged in making their communities better, to help make politics more relevant and to build campaigns.  

There is no lower age group, but most members of WIMPS are between 17 and 21. The Belfast HQ Crew was established several years ago, but we are now planning to set up all over Northern Ireland. If you want to find out about WIMPS or get involved in setting up the first Crew outside Belfast, drop by and say hello. 

You dont need a ticket – but it would help us if you signed up here at Eventbrite if you are planning on coming. 

skype: davy.sims

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