Tech Meet-ups in NI according to Wired UK

Infoporn in this month’s edition of Wired UK (print ed. only) a bit depressing for NI. Of the 127 Tech Meet-ups listed, there are only 3 from NI. At 102nd Belfast Open Coffee, 112th Lisburn OC and 117 North Coast OC (Limavady) with 10 or fewer participants. Surely this isn’t accurate? It is very disturbing if it is.

4 thoughts on “Tech Meet-ups in NI according to Wired UK

  • They’re not counting the awesome X-Cake which is, in my opinion, the best and most useful out of them all

  • There’s no mention of Mobile Monday either and I expect others and that’s the question Lyra – is the source data accurate? Also there were 51 groups that were asked but didn’t supply information. Hope there were no NI events that didn’t respond. It’s hard enough to get PR.

  • Davy, my company launched a cool project for startups to help them gain more exposure: @tfnewswire. I’ve put out repeated calls. Not one from NI has approached me.

  • It really should surprise but it’s not. But it’s not just start-ups. NI tech and creative industries are determined to project this place as a vibrant region with innovation, determination and talent. But when the bible of tech/creative/investment barely has NI on its radar then it’s time to be worried and ask if there is something wrong.

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