I’ve just curated (no, not written – the word to be used is ‘curated’) my first story on

I’m not going to link to it from here (or anywhere, come to that). It was not an intuitive process. I’m not sure whether I enjoyed it. And I know the result was rubbish. Either I’m doing something terribly wrong, or it is just an awkward sod of a thing.

For a start, the story would appear to have to be written backwards. Each new section was added to the top (as the story continued) rather than to the bottom, as it would be read. That required dragging down each new entry. Then thinking it was something to do with browser compatibility, I tried on both IE and Chrome but the process was the same.

I can see there is a considerable attraction in selecting and adding elements of a story from around the web. And it is pretty smart at doing that – although for one Tweet in particular it would not load the link at all – even after coming back to it after 30 minutes.

But I don’t plan to give up after one try – I’ll give it a go next weekend.

I have also yet to give a proper go. At the moment, it seems even more temperamental.

Or maybe it’s just me.

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