The Facebook Diet – how to loose ‘friends’ and be influenced by people


With 938 ‘Friends’ on Facebook, I have decided that this is a richness that I no longer need. In the end it was one post by one person that made me think’ What utter bollocks* – what a twisted idiot you are – you are my ‘friend’ on Facebook, but we’ve never met, I wouldn’t know you if we passed on the street, you don’t use a photo in your profile and all your posts are whinges anyway.

I decided at an early point using Facebook that I would accept any invitation. Soon after that, I decided the number of businesses pretending to be people was just an abuse of Facebook and I would accept no invitations from obvious businesses.
But even with 938 ‘Friends’, there is too much noise. The Facebook algorithm has decided to feature only a few. Others – including real friends – have completely dropped off my Facebook radar and remembering them I’ve gone to their profile to discover they are still posting, but their messages are crowded out.

So let the process begin.

I’m not sure of the criteria yet. Who stays? Well, obviously family and real honest to goodness friends, people I don’t see often and want to stay in contact with, people who I admire and are interesting even though we’re never met and people I want to hear what I have to say.

Who goes? Bores, ranters, businesses who have got under the wire, people who I have just no idea of who they are – there are a few robots in there I’m sure.

I’ll keep some of the people who I don’t recognise. I’m pretty sure more people know me that I know – even yesterday I met 3 people who remembered me as ‘that Davy Sims’. It’s a major compliment when people remember my radio programme from their youth, 30 years ago.

So let the cull begin with that ranter from this morning.

938 and reducing.

*Forgive the strong language – I avoid it where possible on public postings, but when I use it – I really mean it.

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