Social Media – irritating, isn’t it?


I was facilitating a session with a group of people who have a lot of different levels of experience using social media. Some had barely used Twitter and Facebook, some were light users who tended to Facebook, others used a lot of different sites and platforms on desktops, laptops and smartphones.

The session was intended to help them to understand how to use social media better and use it for business.

And the question that got them most animated was:

• What annoys you about social media?

If it annoys you – it probably annoys others, too. Sometimes it was the platforms (almost always Facebook), but mainly it was how people behaved.

So this list is as much as a guide to how not to do social media. And maybe it will help you do it better. All of the comments are verbatim with a few annotations to help clarity.

• People who twitter too much!
• People’s Spotify Listings (appearing on Facebook feeds?)
• (Facebook feed of?) Articles people are reading
• Spam
• Time wasters
• Bad layouts
• Ego maniacs
• Needy Users
• People drawing attention to themselves to get sympathy
• Cryptic status updates
• (Duplication of) Twitter feeds on Facebook
• Long posts
• Boring posts
• “I’m so great” posts
• How social media is used in general
• Privacy
• Ownership (When you post something like a video or photo do you loose ownership?)
• Nothing is private
• Can private and professional be sepatated?
• Everything is scrutinised
• Sometimes you get sucked in and indulge yourself in over sharing
• Waffley Tweets

I;m sure that list could continue …

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