Social Media – It or They?


Bad grammar annoys me. Disproportionately, some might say.

Yet there are a few words that I misuse, and know that I do, usually because the correct usage seems weird or strange or wrong.

“Media” is one of those words. “Media” is plural. When I write about media, and particularly about social media I – more often than not – refer to “it” rather than “them”. (The same for the word “data”. But when refer to “data” as “it” I know I’m wrong. I really did mean to say “them”.)

Back to “media”. My last post was “Social Media – irritating isn’t it?” I know it should be “Irritating, aren’t they?” but to my ears and eyes that just seems … well, wrong.

There is worse, though; people talking about “medias” as the plural is just awful.

So forgive me if you are even more anal about grammar. I’m going to continue along the wrong road. I know I’m wrong, so please don’t bother correcting me. Not that anyone ever has …

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